Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program! Please enter the EZIZ user ID and the unique EZIZ Lesson Completion Confirmation Code for each of the key staff listed below for your practice.

Staff Role EZIZ User ID Lessons Confirmation Code
Provider of Record
Vaccine Coordinator
Backup Vaccine Coordinator
Provider of Record Designee

Before proceeding to the enrollment form, please ensure that the following required documents are available on your computer to be uploaded as part of the VFC enrollment process:

  1. VFC Temperature Logs*
  2. Digital Data Logger (DDL) Reports*
  3. Picture(s) showing INTERIOR of vaccine storage units*
  4. Picture(s) showing EXTERIOR of vaccine storage units*
  5. Copies of DDL Certificates of Calibration
  6. Completed Vaccine Management Plan
  7. Proof of FQHC or RHC certification (if applicable)
  8. Picture(s) showing DO NOT UNPLUG sticker next to vaccine storage unit power outlet and circuit breaker.

* For all vaccine storage units that will be used to store VFC vaccines